Where do I sign-up?

I am doing 3 kid's cooking camps this summer.  What is kid's cooking camp?  It is getting a small group of kids together in my home kitchen, where we cook a healthy, yummy lunch together and then eat it family style.  It is so much fun!!! 

DATES: The week of July 8, the week of July 22nd, and the week of August 5th. 

TIME:  9 am to 3pm (with flexibility)

WHO: Kids age 6-10

COST:  $350

No need to pack a lunch, as kids make their own.

In the mornings, we will do an art project (like paint aprons, make slime, or paint a pot, then plant it.) In the afternoons, we go on an outing  (like Lawerence Hall of Science, Terrace View Park or on a hike in Tilden Park.)

Interested? Email berkeleykidscooking@gmail.com